About Us

Libraries Change Lives: Empower, Enrich, and Educate Yourself at Your Delia Library

We contribute to the well-being and health of our community by providing information, supporting literacy and bringing people together. Through our participation in Marigold Library System, our library is a single point of access to millions of books, audiobooks, eBooks, DVDs, events and more.

1983-Delia Municipal Library and Board was formed and became a member of the Marigold Library System.
1984-Library renovated and moved, creating new space in Delia School addition and added mezzanine.
1993-Library Manager, Frances Andersen retires and Leah Hunter is hired.
2002-Public Internet Access and new furniture purchased to house computer stations and audio collections.
2005-Library added Read and Rest Adult area.
2006-Teen Scene area added to library and wireless hotspot.
2009-Videoconferencing service becomes available at the library.
2010-Library Circulation Desk renovations and 30th Anniversary celebrated with gala.
2011-Kobo eReaders purchased and wireless laptop for customer use.
2012-Friends of the Delia Library formed.
2013-Added hot drink station into library and Friends of the Delia Library Memorial Wall created.

Mission: A thriving library that is an integral part of the community.


  • Respect-welcoming everyone and working together
  • Empowerment-creating opportunities and abilities
  • Responsiveness-listening and responding to requests in a timely and professional manner
  • Communication-increasing awareness and promoting the use of the library services, and maintain user satisfaction
  • Synergy-working together to produce a combined effort greater than we do individually
  • Innovation-starting or providing something new to inspire change
  • Responsible-using our resources wisely

Service Priorities:

  • Know Your Community: Community resources and services
  • Build Successful Enterprises: Business and Non-profit Support
  • Create Young Readers: Early Literacy
  • Stimulate Imagination: Reading, viewing, and listening for pleasure


  1. Create community programs, partnerships, and engagement..
  2. Build sustainable partnerships and services with business and non-profit community groups.
  3. Continue investing in programs, services, and collections for early learning and family literacy.
  4. Inspire discovery through programs, collections, and services that enhance literacy and lifelong learning.